It’s your information, not mine to share.

My policy towards your private info is: it’s yours, not mine to share.

My job is to help you beautify your life.
When working with me, this often means that I will need access to data about you and your business.
I take that responsibility very seriously.

Therefore I make you the following promises, whether you hire me or not:

I’ll never spam you.

If you purchase art, I will send you an invoice at some point – and probably a few project updates, etc.

Sorry, an invoice for services rendered isn’t spam.

I’ll never voluntarily disclose your personal information without your permission.

I will not sell, rent or share your personal information without your express permission, unless required by law.

I will only disclose your personal information when:

  • You specifically request me to do so in writing.
  • It is required by law.
  • It is absolutely necessary in order to create / maintain a system you hired me to create / maintain
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