About Me

In kindergarten I fell in love with painting. I remember it clearly: the big brushes and rich thick tempera on newsprint.  Throughout elementary school I’d get in trouble for drawing on my school work.  While in high school I decided I wanted to make a living in the arts. So I took my any work I could that was arts-related including working at art supply stores.  I landed some dream jobs working at advertising agencies up and down the East Coast. In 1984 I started a freelance business working out of my home. In 1993 I opened my first office and the business has steadily grown.  Poole Communications is a full service agency that focuses on web, digital, print and video production.

I went back to school as an adult and finished my Bachelors of Science in International Business and Management at Columbia College. Currently working on my MFA.

I have exhibited throughout the United States and have been blessed to receive numerous awards and recognition; with one-person exhibits in Idaho Falls, ID, Atlanta, GA, Hannibal and Columbia, MO, Summerville, SC, Jacksonville and Quincy, IL. My work is in the collections of businesses and individual homes across the country.

Currently, I live on a farm with my husband and growing herd of deer that live in the back yard. We raise grapes, have a large garden and I weirdly enough enjoy splitting wood. I’m loosening up my painting, working in oil, watercolor and acrylic. Just recently completed a digital alphabet series in Adobe Sketch based on artists who incorporate typography into their art.

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